​Premium DNS – An advantage for Professionals and Beginners.

Then, time for a vital decision comes. To get a free DNS service, pay for a Premium DNS, or build it on your own. Consider that the DNS service you pick will be responsible for the requests to your domain. Moreover, this DNS service has a critical impact on gold factors like security, uptime, speed, and the experience your domain will offer to its visitors. 

Everybody needs a DNS service to be available online. At this point, it’s not about the size or the type of business. From a personal blog, a portfolio, to an international e-shop, or a bank, all must exist on the Internet.

Let’s check why Premium DNS is an advantage for professionals and beginners.

Premium DNS is easy to use. 

Let’s be crystal clear, the DNS and all the tasks related to its configuration and maintenance are complex stuff. But Premium DNS provides you with tools to make it more manageable. Compared with being you the one configuring every detail on your own DNS servers, Premium DNS makes this “a piece of cake” for you.

Usually, you get a control panel with an interface that guides you through the creation of DNS zones, edition or addition of DNS records, new locations for getting redundancy, etc.

Premium DNS’s robust infrastructure means better performance for your business.

Quality Premium DNS providers have not a few, but many DNS servers globally located. So your business can have as many points of presence (PoPs) as you need. And that will totally speed your domain, loading time, etc. 

Premium DNS guarantees higher uptime.

Having multiple PoPs, chances of experiencing downtime get reduced. Even in a case of a cyberattack, with such a large network, you can handle the traffic and balance the load not to be a threat. 

Premium DNS strengthens your security.

Security features and possibilities are vast. Constant monitoring, checks, cryptography, DNSSEC support, anti-DDoS protection, and really much more.

Premium DNS allows scalability up and down whenever you need it.

Sometimes it’s hard to be prepared for growth. New, bigger, or sudden needs can emerge. Also, things can go wrong, pushing your business some steps back. With a Premium DNS service, you can increase or reduce resources on-demand and based on your business’s real needs at the time.

Premium DNS is cost-effective

If you want to have the redundancy that multiple PoPs offer you, to afford by your own all those servers and their constant maintenance would be really expensive. Premium DNS providers give you that benefit, modern technology, a team of experts to solve your doubts or issues, etc., in exchange for a monthly or yearly rate. That is cheaper than paying for the whole infrastructure.

If you only consider price, free DNS services are the choice but don’t forget they are more limited in terms of infrastructure, features, and room for you to grow.

Premium DNS offers a guarantee. 

This makes a big difference. In case of a failure, you count on the provider to solve it, and you can even get your money back. For instance, some companies refund for the total downtime your business experienced in a year.

Premium DNS offers superior features.

Professional support 24/7, different load balancing methods, more DNS zones, millions or unlimited amount of queries, etc.


Honestly, the features, support, and possibilities a Premium DNS service offers totally represent an advantage for professionals and beginners. It’s a misconception that it can be too much for beginners. Remember there are different plans, and that resources can be added on-demand. You can be small now, but the idea is to grow big! 

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